Collection: Air Compressor & Tank Packages

Looking for top-quality air compressor and tank packages? Airslamit has you covered with Airmaxxx Air Compressor and Tank Packages, designed to meet every configuration and budget. Choose from single air compressors with a 3-gallon tank or dual compressors with a 5-gallon tank. Select your preferred pressure switch ranging from 120 PSI to 200 PSI. Our offerings include budget-friendly steel air tanks and premium seamless spun aluminum tanks for superior performance and aesthetics.

Our entry-level 400 compressor, comparable to the Viair 380C, is perfect for air horns, onboard air systems, or smaller vehicles. For standard performance, the Airmaxxx 480 and 580 compressors, comparable to the Viair 480C, are featured in most of our kits. For those seeking ultimate performance, the Airmaxxx X-Series stands out as the fastest and quietest compressor, outperforming the Viair 485C with a 25% faster fill time.

Explore our range of air compressor and tank packages today and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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