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airmaxxx 480 air compressor was introduced to the market in 2010 as alternative to the Viair 480c air compressor.  Same Quality and performance but at more realistic price.  We searched out the best factory with the best reputation for consistent quality to offer to our customers. In 2014 we introduced the improved 580 air compressor with a new designed head to dissipate heat more efficiently. When you buy an airmaxxx 480/580 air compressor you are buying direct.  Your are not buying from a 3rd party dealer.  That means the purchase, support and warranty are all handled 100% in house.  All airmaxxx compressors are backed by 1 year replacement warranty against manufacturer defect.  REPLACEMENT is the keyword.  Our competitors will only replace the compressor if it is not repairable, other competitors do not even offer any support.

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