What's the difference in our kits?

We offer a wide variety of style air ride suspension kits. Our goal is to offer the perfect kit that meets your individual needs. Here is a brief description of each style kit to help you find the one that suits your personal style.

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Manual Toggle Switch Style

by Airmaxxx

Airmaxxx manual air ride kits are exactly that. No electronic valves and controllers to deal with. This is for the customer that wants minimual amount of electronics in there system. It does require running more air line in to the cab of the vehicle. This system is an upgraded from the old 1/4" paddle valves. The toggles allow more air flow than paddle valves and you can run 3/8 hose with out having another connection before and after the valve to reduce down to 1/4" hose. So over all this management system will air up and down faster and smoother than the old paddle style valves. The only 1/"4 line in this system is to run to the air gauges. Speaking of the gauges, this management comes with (2) dual needle gauges so you can read pressure on all four air bags at once. With four switches you have independent wheel control, so you don't get the side to side air transfer that can cause you vehicle to sit uneven or lean hard around corners.

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Fast Bag Style

by Airmaxxx

Fast Bag air ride kits are for those customers that want their ride to "pop" up and down. Available in 3/8" or 1/2". The larger the valves, hose and fittings the faster its going to be. This style gives you alot of option when it comes to the mounting the valves. You can mount them where ever you want. On the tank to keep everything in one place, hidden in the spare tire area in the trunk or for the fastest response close to each air bag. These kits do require more plumbing and wire as really nothing is plug and play. Fast bag kits are going to come with a hand held controller with 6ft cord. Get Adjustable Slow down valves if you want your ride to "pop" up but come down nice and easy. You can add gauges to these kits too!! The controller has 7 switches -Front up/down, Rear up/down, All up/down and independent wheel to make those fine adjustments.

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Manifold Style Kits

by Airmaxxx, Accuair, and Slam Specialties

Manifold kits, We carry the top and most popular brands and these guys have a lot of benefits. If you are new to air ride or have never installed air ride this style kits take alot of guess work out. For the most part these are completely plug and play kits. The manifold combines all 8 valves in one nice compact block. Requiring 50% less connections means a whole lot less chances of leaks. This style of kit is going to give you the nice and smooth inflate and deflate, not too fast and not slow. These kits are going to come with the same 7 switch style controller, they might look a little different between the different brands but all do the same thing. Upgradeable!! down the road if you decide you want to add gauges, pressure presets or height presets these guys are ready. They are all gonna have integrated gauge ports ready to except this fittings or sensors.

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Pressure Presets

by Air Lift Performance, Accuair and Level Ride

These are manifold style kits so your gonna get that plug and play install and all the benefits that manifold style valve, but these are step up. Get 3-5 preset pressures (depending on the brand) What are pressure presets? These are saveable one button presets. Air you ride up to where ever you want and save it. Everytime you get in to drive you hit one button and it airs up to your preset. You can have low and slow cruise pressure, highway drive pressure and quick max pressure if you have to make that quick adjustment to get in a driveway or over that damn neighborhood speed hump. All 3 brands also give you Lift on Start, which will automatically air up to your highway ride pressure as soon as you start your vehicle.
Want to control your air ride with your phone, We got you!! Download the APP on your iPhone or android device and you have wireless control. All 3 brands have these options but each one does have some unique features like Airlift is in all in one manifold so everything is built inside for easier install and wired controller that display's all 5 pressures. Accuair is modular so you can be 100% wireless or add touchpad for wired controller. Level Ride is 100% wireless but is the only one in the industry that has Voice commands. Not sure which one is best for you? Contact us by chat, phone, email or text and we can help guide you.

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height Presets

Level Ride, Air Lift, Accuair

Preset Heights, the ultimate air ride system. Alot like the pressure preset kits, but with the added height sensors your are getting a smart air ride kit. These kits monitor the height of your vehicle. Where ever you save the height it's gonna keep you there. It's always going to be making the fine adjustments to make sure you are at the height you set it to. Maybe you picked up all 3 friends you have and thru in an ice chest, some chairs and canopy in the bed or trunk, these kits are going to adjust for the added weight. Once all the extra weight is removed and your suspension unloads its gonna know your ride is too high and it's gonna let air out to get you back to your preset. Pressure based systems do not make any adjustments once it reaches the set pressure.

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what we include in our kits that most don't.

We do our best to make each air ride suspension kit as plug an play as possible. Our Dual compressor wire kit will have all the ring terminals pre crimped and sleeved, only few crimps need to be made for the pressure switch wire. Also included is a 3 different fuse taps and universal inline fuse to match the different fuse blocks.

Water Traps - each air ride suspension kit is going to come with two water traps. We suggest and include the fitting to run these water trap filters right off the inlet port of your tank. We want to try and keep as much moisture and debris out of the tank from the start. Each water traps have 1/4" drain cocks on the bottom that can be remove and install a npt fitting and run hose for a remote drain for those trunk set ups. fitting and hose for this is sold separately.

Filter Elements - We include these unique filter to keep debris out of you valves. Debri is what cause your valves to leak. Install these Element filter is each oulet port on your tank. You will get either 2 or 4 depending on your tank setup

Compressor accessories

Dont Forget to Add These Gems

Compressor Isolators and compressor mounts.

We alll want our compressor to be as quite as possible. Get these compressor isolator kits, These are going to quite your compressors down 5-10db. If your familiar with decibels thats alot.

We have some cool compressor mounts that include the isolators. Mounting your compressor to the side of your frame? We have side mount brackets. If your working on custom air management display check out these angled compressor mounts.