Air Bags is there a difference?

We offer three different high quality brands of air bags in our kits.  Each air bag offers different benefits, wether its price, warranty, the amount of lift or dimension.  We will give the key differences below.


2500 or 2600

The airmaxxx 2500 and 2600 air bags where introduced in 2010. Designed around the popular Firestone 255c and the 224c airbags. These are our most popular bags do the price and performance. Backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects if purchased with our airmaxxx direct application brackets. Both size bags have 1/2NPT ports and the standard 3/8-16 threaded mounting holes.Two ply with steel crimped top and bottoms and rated for 250psi. We have tested the burst pressure at over 500psi. video coming soon

2500 specs

  • Max Diameter is 6.50"
  • Compressed height 3.0"
  • Extended height 8.5"

2600 Specs

  • Max Diameter is 7.50"
  • Compressed height 3.0"
  • Extended height 9.0"

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Air lift performance Dominator

D2500 or D2600

The popular Airlift performance Dominator series. The Dominator series are little larger than the airmaxxx air bag. Because of the slightly larger size they are going to lift the same amount of weight with a little less pressure giving slightly smoother ride. But please note some application it will require more trimming of spring pockets for the clearance. Same steel top and bottom as the airmaxxx series air bags. The Dominators will also give you more lift for those customers needing the fender clearance for those big wheels or the locked up look.

D2500 Specs

  • Max Diameter is 7.0"
  • Compressed height 3.0"
  • Extended height 10.0"

D2600 Specs

  • Max Diameter is 8.0"
  • Compressed height 3.0"
  • Extended height 12.0"
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Slam Speciaties

SS-6 and SS-7

Slam Specialties is the most popular USA made air bag. Designed and manufactured in Fresno California. What makes these bags so special? First they are non-ballooning air bag. What does that mean? That means they stay the same diameter thru the whole travel as when you first pull them out of the box. How does that help? If your application requires trimming for clearance your not gonna find out later that you didn't trim enough when the bag blows from rubbing. The SS series air bags have internal bumpstops. These are not cushion bumpstops, these are bumpstops that protect the airbag from damaged when aired out if you dont have external bumpstops installed or your vehicle is not sitting on the ground. If all the vehicles weight is on the airbag it can damage the center ring. Finally rated for 250psi these bags have the most travel out any air bag in it's class. We prefer the new SS-Series over RE-series because they rated for higher pressure, have more travel and they are priced right with the added benefits.

SS-6 Specs

  • Max Diameter is 6.0"
  • Compressed height 2.7"
  • Extended height 11.0"

SS-7 Specs

  • Max Diameter is 7.0"
  • Compressed height 2.7"
  • Extended height 12.0"
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