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Compressors are the heart of your air ride suspension system. Below is some information about our airmaxxx air compressor models.  Make sure you choose the right compressor for your air ride system.  Whether you need a reliable cost efficient or a high performance air management kit we have the right compressor for you.  Every airmaxxx air compressor is backed by our 1 year replacement warranty against manufacturer defects.  The warranty will not cover an overworked compressor so its important you purchase the right compressor for the right application.  We recommend using our single or dual compressor wire kit to insure you delivery enough clean power to any of our compressors.  Also, consider upgrading your charging system, especially with older model vehicles.  This will include the power and ground wires from your alternator, battery and chassis ground.


400 Air Compressor

Our entry level compressor. This dual pack is gonna be comparable to a viair 380. Available as a single compressor or a dual pack in chrome or pewter finish. 100% duty @ 100 psi and max pressure of 200 psi. We use this compressor a lot in our overload kits and with 3 gal tanks. It is rated for 5 gal tanks as dual pack. Also includes 1/4" leader hose with integrated check valve. Its not the fastest compressor with fill time of about 7 min and 30 secs to fill a 5 gallon air tank from 0-200 psi on air ride suspension kit. We don't advertise a complete air ride kit with this compressor but if your looking for solid entry level air ride kit and want the most cost effective option call us and we can put build your kit with this compressor option. Don't forget: ALL of our airmaxxx compressors are backed by our 1 year replacement warranty.

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480 vs 580 what's the difference?

The 480 and 580 compressor are our go to for most of our air ride suspension kits. These guys are reliable work horse compressors. Comparable to the viair 480. Available in both chrome and black. So what's the difference? Both have 3/8" stainless leader hose with integrated check valves but the 580 has a larger, newer designed head that dissipates heat more efficiently. So it's gonna run a little cooler. Heat and low volts are the number one killer of compressors. The 480 and 580 fill time is about the same but temperature of the compressor, when it reaches pressure, is cooler, which is going to give you longer compressor life. Both compressors are rated for 200 psi max pressure. Typically we supply a 180 psi off pressure switch in our air ride systems with the exception of our 1/2" Fast bag kit which runs 200 psi. Fill time on our standard 5 gallon tank is about 5 min and 30 seconds from 0-200psi for both of these models. At minimum we recommend one compressor per 5 gallons of air. If you plan to run your air ride system a lot we recommend one compressor per 3 gallons of air for the most reliable and efficient system.

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Our ultimate, fastest air compressor. Its our only compressor that is rated at 100% duty @ 200 psi. There is not any compressor compared to this guy. With an unbelievable 0-200psi fill time on a 5 gallon tank of 3 min and 20 seconds. Because the fill time is so fast it does not get so hot like other models. With a cooling fan standard and a extruded aluminum body this compressor dissipates the heat like no other. With our airmaxxx isolator kit also standard on this compressor it is also our quietest compressor. We do recommend buying this compressor with our dual compressor wiring kit to insure your getting clean power to this compressor because it does draw a little more power than the 480/580 models. Upgrade any air ride suspension kit or air management to the X-Series, the best compressor on the market for only $120

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