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Accuair Suspension

Accuair VU4 and AVS-ARC 7 Switch Combo

Accuair VU4 and AVS-ARC 7 Switch Combo

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The AccuAir VU4 and AVS-ARC 7 Switch Combo provides a straightforward and effective air management solution for your vehicle's air suspension system. Here's a breakdown of what's included and its features:

Included Components:

  1. AccuAir VU4 Manifold:

    • The AccuAir VU4 Manifold (AA-3640) offers precise control over your air suspension system with its 4-corner valve block design.
  2. SMC 3/8 DOT Fittings:

    • Includes SMC fittings compliant with DOT regulations, ensuring safety and reliability in air line connections.
  3. AVS Black 7 Switch Controller (ARC-7):

    • The AVS-ARC 7 Switch Controller features a user-friendly design with seven dedicated switches: Front, Back, All 4, and individual wheel controls. This allows for easy and quick adjustments to your air suspension settings.
  4. 9FT Airmaxxx Extension Harness:

    • Provides a 9-foot extension harness to simplify installation. This extension eliminates the need for custom wiring extensions, ensuring convenient setup.
  5. 50FT 3/8" DOT Air Hose:

    • Includes a generous length of 50 feet of 3/8" DOT-rated air hose, offering flexibility in routing and connecting air lines within your vehicle.
  6. Hose Cutter:

    • A hose cutter is provided to facilitate precise cutting of air hoses during installation, ensuring clean and accurate cuts.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: The kit is designed for easy setup, making it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.

  • Dedicated Switch Control: The AVS-ARC 7 Switch Controller provides dedicated switches for controlling different aspects of your air suspension system, offering intuitive operation.

  • Extension Harness: The included 9-foot extension harness simplifies wiring by providing ample length to reach various mounting locations within your vehicle.

  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes essential components such as fittings, air hose, and a hose cutter, ensuring you have everything needed for a complete air management system setup.


The AccuAir VU4 and AVS-ARC 7 Switch Combo is an ideal choice for users looking for a reliable and user-friendly air suspension management solution. With its combination of the AccuAir VU4 Manifold and AVS-ARC 7 Switch Controller, along with essential accessories, it provides a comprehensive package to control and optimize your vehicle's air suspension performance effectively.

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