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Accuair Suspension

Accuair VU4 3/8" Standard Air Ride Suspension Management Kit

Accuair VU4 3/8" Standard Air Ride Suspension Management Kit

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The AccuAir VU4 3/8" Standard Air Management Kit offers advanced features and components designed to enhance your air suspension system. Here's a detailed overview of what's included and its key features:


  1. All Black Design: The kit features a sleek all-black design, enhancing the aesthetics of your air suspension setup.

  2. 3/8" Plug and Play Kit: Designed for easy installation, the plug-and-play setup simplifies the process of integrating the components into your vehicle's air suspension system.

  3. Fully Upgradeable to AccuAir E+ Connect: The system can be upgraded to integrate with AccuAir's E+ Connect system, providing enhanced control and functionality through smartphone connectivity.

  4. Fast Compressor Performance: Utilizes airmaxxx X-Series Compressors, known for their rapid performance. They include isolator mounts to reduce operational noise, ensuring a quieter ride.

  5. 5 Gallon Seamless Aluminum Black Air Tank: Offers ample air storage capacity with a durable seamless aluminum construction.

  6. Element Filter and Water Traps: Includes airmaxxx filter elements for the air tank and black water traps to maintain air quality and protect the components.

  7. Accuair Vu4 Manifold: The Accuair Vu4 Manifold (AA-3640) provides precise control over your air suspension system with its 4-corner control capability.

  8. AVS ARC-7 Black Switch Controller: Comes with the AVS ARC-7 Black Switch Controller with a plug, offering a straightforward interface for managing air suspension settings.

  9. Additional Components: Includes a 9ft plug-and-play extension harness, 150/180 pressure switch, 50ft of 3/8" DOT air hose, air tank drain cock, hose cutter, and thread sealer for comprehensive installation and maintenance.


  • Effortless Installation: The plug-and-play design and included components simplify installation, making it accessible for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • Enhanced Performance: Rapid air fill times and quiet operation of the compressors ensure optimal performance and ride comfort.

  • Versatile Control: Upgradability to AccuAir E+ Connect allows for advanced control options, including smartphone integration for remote management.

  • Durable Construction: The use of high-quality materials like seamless aluminum for the air tank ensures durability and reliability.


The AccuAir VU4 3/8" Standard Air Management Kit is ideal for those seeking a high-performance air suspension system with easy installation and robust features. It combines advanced technology with user-friendly design, offering a seamless upgrade to enhance your vehicle's ride quality and aesthetics.

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