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Discover the ultimate air ride suspension management packages powered by AccuAir Suspension. Whether you're shopping for a basic kit with a manual AVS Switch Box, an advanced E+ Connect wireless controller, or the top-tier e-Level+ system with Pressure+ or Height+ sensors, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

Our comprehensive AccuAir suspension kits come complete with all the necessary air hoses, fittings, filters, and wiring, ensuring a seamless installation from your air bags or struts to the management system.

Start with our robust starter packages, featuring the renowned VU4 4-corner manifold and seamless aluminum air tanks. For those seeking the ultimate in performance, upgrade to our Ultimate Package, which includes the groundbreaking ENDO-VT air tank, the industry's first with integrated 4-corner valves and speed control.

Additionally, enhance your setup with the quietest and fastest air ride suspension compressor on the market, the X-Series, boasting 100% duty at 200psi and a 20% faster performance than competitors.

Choose our AccuAir suspension management kits for unparalleled ride height control, reliability, and ease of use.

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