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Slam Specialties MC.2-SS 8 Switch Black Air Ride Suspension Controller

Slam Specialties MC.2-SS 8 Switch Black Air Ride Suspension Controller

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Slam Specialties 8 Switch Controller - MC.2-SS

The Slam Specialties MC.2 air suspension controller consists of a handheld control unit and accompanying receiver/driver module. Featuring microprocessors and solid state drivers, this set-up provides reliable and rapid response, and can be easily installed due to the communication between the two modules via a pair of wires. The MC.2 manual controller handheld is LED back-lit, and can be personalized to fit individual preferences. Included in the receiver harness are two multi-conductor cables for power, ignition, ground, and illumination.

Plug and play to the SV-8C manifold (click here)


  • Billet Aluminum Case
  • Silicone Touch Pad
  • Customizable LED Back-lit Buttons (12 color options)
  • Color: Black Anodize
  • Controller orientation mode programming
  • Valve orientation mode programming
  • Self dimming, dimming on/off mode
  • 3 brightness setting modes
  • Smaller, Water Resistant Receiver
  • Integrated Coil Saver Technology
  • Four Corner Control with Pancake
  • Plug & Play with SV-8C Manifold
  • Controls 8 Valves Individually
  • One-wire Communication for Flexible Operation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed & Manufactured by Slam Specialties
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