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Front Lower Control Arms -1970-1981 Camaro / Firebird

Front Lower Control Arms -1970-1981 Camaro / Firebird

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What says ƒ????????performanceƒ???????ƒ?????????? more than a set of tubular control arms! After all of the time and effort expended on your ride, you definitely canƒ????????t let your stamped oem control arms detract from all that work. Finish your suspension off with these new tubular control arm systems from Ridetech. Built with all of the care and experience you have come to expect from us, these tubular control arms are a precision engineered solution for ShockWave or CoilOver installation, ball joint binding, and frame clearance issues that can haunt some vehicles. When you combine the performance benefits with the elegant design of these arms, there is no question....????You want these.

Development???????? - ???????? StrongArms’?????ƒ?????? are developed by Ridetech?? in Jasper, Indiana on an actual running, driving vehicle. This allows us to properly address ALL fitment and performance issues. It also allows us to document an installation, demonstrate the installation to our sales techs and dealers, and allows ongoing evaluation of the performance of the StrongArms’?????ƒ??????

Design???????? - ???????? We think the best way to design any component is to keep it simple. That is why Strong Arms’?????ƒ?????? are designed with as few components as possible. We have a new 4 axis tubing bender that allows precise, repeatable bends that no other machine can achieve. We can create elegant tubing bends that would otherwise require several separate welded components.

Components???????? -???? ???? Powdercoated in a satin black finish and completely assembled with ball joints and bushings.???? ????

Geometry???????? - ???????? Geometry of a suspension starts with the position of the frame mounts and the height of the spindle, not the shape of the control arm. However, there are a few small things in control arm design that can make a big difference in how a vehicle drives and performs.

  • Control Arms designed to be used with stock spindles

  • The balljoint camber travel is re-centered to accommodate the new lowered ride height so the ball joint doesnƒ????????t bind during extreme suspension movement.

  • The perimeter of the StrongArms is contoured to allow maximum wheel clearance and turning radius.

  • All shock mounts, airspring mounts, and swaybar mounts are integrated into the design so you donƒ????????t have to finish the engineering in order to enjoy your ride!

StrongArms’?????ƒ?????? are optimized to allow proper camber adjustment at your new lowered ride height without using a large stack of shims.????

* Control Arms are designed to used in conjunction with stock "OEM" spindles
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