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Accuair Suspension

3/8" Air Ride Kit Accuair VU4 w/Chrome 580 Fits 1963-72 C10 with Rear Coils

3/8" Air Ride Kit Accuair VU4 w/Chrome 580 Fits 1963-72 C10 with Rear Coils

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Air Tank

The Accuair VU4 3/8" Air Ride Kit is an ideal upgrade for 1963-1972 Chevy C10 trucks equipped with rear coil suspension, offering enhanced control, handling, and aesthetic appeal. Here’s a detailed overview of what the kit includes and its key features:

Included Components:

  1. Air Bag Components:

    • airmaxxx Front Bolt On Air Bag Cups: Facilitates easy installation of air bags in the front suspension.
    • airmaxxx Rear Bolt On Air Bag Mounts: Provides secure mounting points for air bags in the rear suspension.
    • airmaxxx (4) - 2600 1/2"NPT Port Air Bags: Supplies air support for all four corners of the vehicle.
  2. Air Management System:

    • Accuair VU4 Manifold Valve: Enables independent control of each air bag, allowing for customized ride height and comfort.
    • airmaxxx Chrome 580 Dual Air Compressors: Dual compressors with a chrome finish ensure efficient air compression and quick adjustment of air bags.
    • airmaxxx 5 Gallon 7 Port Seamless Raw Aluminum Air Tank: Stores compressed air for immediate use, ensuring rapid response times.
  3. Control and Installation Components:

    • airmaxxx 7 Switch Controller: Provides intuitive control over the suspension system with seven switches, facilitating easy adjustment.
    • airmaxxx 10ft Controller to Valve Harness: Facilitates electrical connections between the switch controller and manifold valve.
    • 150 on - 180 off Pressure Switch: Automatically controls compressor operation based on air tank pressure, optimizing efficiency.
  4. Additional Installation Accessories:

    • 50ft 3/8" DOT Air Hose: Allows flexible routing of air lines within the vehicle.
    • Nickle Plated Brass PTC Fitting Kit: Ensures secure and leak-free connections between air hoses and components.
    • Air Hose Cutter & Thread Sealer: Assists in customizing air hose lengths and ensuring secure connections.
    • airmaxxx Dual Air Compressor Install Wiring Kit: Includes necessary wiring for the installation of dual air compressors.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Lifetime Warranty on Air Bags: Covers defects in materials and workmanship, excluding issues such as punctures, abrasions, abuse, or improper installation.
  • 1-year Warranty on Air Compressors: Protects against defects in materials and workmanship specific to the compressors.


  • Enhanced Ride Quality: Allows precise adjustment of ride height and stiffness, providing a smoother driving experience.
  • Improved Handling: Adjust air pressure in the air bags to optimize handling characteristics based on driving conditions.
  • Durable Construction: Stainless-steel components and chrome finish ensure long-lasting durability and aesthetic enhancement.
  • Easy Installation: Designed as a bolt-on, plug-and-play system with all necessary wiring, hoses, and fittings included, simplifying installation for enthusiasts and professionals.


This kit is specifically designed for 1963-1972 Chevy C10 trucks with rear coil suspension, offering a tailored solution to enhance their suspension systems.

Installation Notes:

  • Bolt-On Installation: No welding or major modifications are typically required, making installation straightforward.
  • Warranty Exclusions: Ensure proper installation to avoid warranty exclusions related to punctures, abrasions, abuse, or improper installation practices.

Additional Information:

  • Customization Options: The kit allows for smooth inflation and deflation of air bags and can be upgraded to include presets or gauges for further customization according to preference.

The Accuair VU4 3/8" Air Ride Kit for 1963-1972 Chevy C10 trucks combines advanced suspension technology with ease of installation and durable components, offering enthusiasts an ideal solution to enhance both performance and aesthetics of their classic C10 trucks.

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