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Accuair Suspension

Accuair Suspension AA-3640 TOUCHPAD+ For E-Connect+

Accuair Suspension AA-3640 TOUCHPAD+ For E-Connect+

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The AccuAir TouchPad+ (AA-3640) is a sophisticated control interface designed to complement and enhance the functionality of your air suspension system, especially when paired with the E+ Connect system from AccuAir. Here's a detailed overview of its key features, benefits, and compatibility:

Key Features:

  1. Direct Control Interface:

    • The TouchPad+ allows precise adjustments for your air suspension system directly from its touch-sensitive surface. It enables you to adjust ride height and corner settings with ease.
  2. Sleek Design:

    • Designed with a modern and sleek aesthetic, the TouchPad+ adds a stylish touch to your vehicle's interior while offering intuitive functionality.
  3. No Break TouchPad Cable:

    • AccuAir employs a connectorless design for the TouchPad cable, enhancing reliability and durability over traditional connector-based designs.
  4. Magnetic Mount:

    • Equipped with a magnetic frame, the TouchPad+ offers flexible mounting options. You can easily attach it to any metal surface within your vehicle using its magnetic base, providing convenience and versatility in placement.
  5. Compressor Status Indicator:

    • Includes an LED compressor status indicator that provides real-time feedback on the operational status of your compressors. This feature helps in quickly diagnosing any issues with the air suspension system, ensuring optimal performance.


  • Enhanced Control:

    • The TouchPad+ offers comprehensive control over your air suspension system, allowing you to fine-tune settings according to your preferences and driving conditions.
  • Versatile Mounting:

    • With its magnetic mount, you can place the TouchPad+ in various locations within your vehicle, optimizing accessibility and visibility without the need for permanent installation.
  • Diagnostic Support:

    • The built-in compressor status indicator enhances system reliability by keeping you informed of any operational issues, facilitating timely maintenance and troubleshooting.


  • The TouchPad+ (AA-3640) is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with AccuAir's E+ Connect system. This compatibility ensures that you can leverage its advanced control features alongside other AccuAir components for comprehensive air suspension management.


The AccuAir TouchPad+ is an ideal choice for enthusiasts looking to maximize their air suspension experience with advanced control capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and flexible mounting options. Whether you prioritize functionality, style, or ease of installation, the TouchPad+ delivers on all fronts, making it a valuable addition to any vehicle equipped with AccuAir air suspension systems. Its intuitive design and reliable performance ensure that you can enjoy enhanced ride quality and customization with confidence.

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