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Accuair Suspension

Air Tank 5 Gallon ENDO-VT Raw Accuair (AA-3642)

Air Tank 5 Gallon ENDO-VT Raw Accuair (AA-3642)

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Accuair Suspension 5 Gallon RAW ENDO-VT

A quality air suspension kit should include a high-quality air tank for efficient air storage. Most tanks on the market require external valves, leading to more installation difficulties and visible plumbing. Our innovative ENDO-VT™ valve-integrated tank streamlines installation and provides a more polished appearance in your desired mounting location. The ENDO-VT also showcases AccuAir's advanced solenoid valve technology, featuring VFC™ and fully-filtered, rebuildable FFPTC fittings approved by D.O.T.

About ENDO Tanks

The ENDO-Tank line from AccuAir is the culmination of years of engineering progress, making it the biggest advancement in air tank technology in a century. Precision machined aluminum components allow for a modular construction that eliminates welding and leaks. Ports are flushed with the exterior of the tank, machined directly into the solid aluminum body. With removable end-caps, innovative features can be added inside the tank. These tanks are available in raw aluminum.

What Size Tank Do I Need For Air Suspension?

A common query involving air suspension tanks is "what size tank is necessary for my suspension kit?" Typically, most systems use either a 3 gallon or 5 gallon tank, with the size needed depending on frequency of use and the type/amount of air compressor. If regular airing out is the plan, a 5 gallon tank would provide greater air storage for faster operation. Our ENDO tanks come in 3 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

The 5 gallon ENDO air suspension tank dimensions are: Length: 29.312" Height: 6.625" Diameter: 6.625"


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