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Accuair Suspension

3/8" Air Suspension Kit Accuair VU4 w/Chrome 580 Fits 1982-05 S10

3/8" Air Suspension Kit Accuair VU4 w/Chrome 580 Fits 1982-05 S10

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Air Tank

This Accuair VU4 3/8" Air Ride Suspension Kit 580 Chrome is engineered to deliver superior comfort, handling, and customization options for 1982-2004 Chevrolet S10 owners, ensuring a smooth ride and enhanced driving experience.

Kit Overview:

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Specifically fits 1982-2004 Chevrolet S10 and all variants like S10 Blazer, S15, S15 Jimmy, and Sonoma. Requires front spring pocket trimming/cutting for installation.
  • Construction: Features 580 chrome finish for durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Suspension Type: Offers full 4 corner independent control for precise handling and comfort.
  • Installation Convenience: Valve manifolds use fewer fittings, ensuring a cleaner and easier installation process.
  • Operational Smoothness: Smooth inflate/deflate functionality for enhanced ride quality and adjustability.
  • Upgrade Potential: Can be easily upgraded to presets or gauges for additional customization.

Included Components:

  1. Air Bags and Mounting Hardware:

    • airmaxxx Front Bolt On Air Bag Cups: Facilitates easy installation of front air bags.
    • airmaxxx Rear Weld On Air Bag Mounts: Securely mounts rear air bags for stability and reliability.
    • airmaxxx (2) - 2500 1/2"NPT Port Air Bags: Provides robust air support for the front.
    • airmaxxx (2) - 2600 1/2"NPT Port Air Bags: Ensures robust air support for the rear.
  2. Air Management System:

    • VU4 Manifold Valve By AccuAir: Centralized valve manifold for precise control and distribution of air to each air bag.
    • AVS 7 Switch Box Controller: Intuitive switch controller with seven switches for easy adjustment of the suspension system.
    • airmaxxx Dual Air Compressors: Chrome-finished dual compressors for efficient air compression and rapid adjustment.
    • airmaxxx Dual Air Compressor Wiring Kit: Facilitates proper electrical connection and operation of the dual compressors.
  3. Air Tank and Accessories:

    • airmaxxx 5 Gallon 7 Port Seamless Raw Aluminum Air Tank: Stores compressed air for immediate use, ensuring quick response times and enhanced performance.
    • airmaxxx 9ft Controller to Valve Harness: Facilitates electrical connections between the switch controller and valve manifold.
    • 150 on - 180 off Pressure Switch: Automatically controls compressor operation based on air tank pressure, optimizing performance.
    • 50ft 3/8 DOT Air Hose: Provides flexibility in routing air lines within the vehicle, accommodating various installation needs.
    • Nickle Plated Brass PTC Fitting Kit: Ensures secure and leak-free connections between air hoses and components.
    • airmaxxx 3/8" Water Traps: Prevents moisture from entering the air system, enhancing longevity.
    • (2) 3/8" Element Filter: Maintains air quality by filtering out contaminants effectively.
    • Air Hose Cutter & Thread Sealer: Assists in customizing air hose lengths and ensuring secure connections.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Lifetime Warranty on Air Bags: Covers defects in materials and workmanship, excluding damage from punctures, abrasions, abuse, or poor installation.
  • 1-year Warranty on Air Compressors: Protects against defects in materials and workmanship specific to the compressors, ensuring reliability.

Additional Information:

  • Shipping: Free shipping available within the contiguous USA (48 states), adding value and convenience for customers.

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