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1968-1970 Chrysler "B" Body - Bolt-On 4-Link - R-Joints

1968-1970 Chrysler "B" Body - Bolt-On 4-Link - R-Joints

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Muscle cars are more popular than ever and carry the same iconic look, but the ride quality, handling and braking technology of 40 years ago is a compromise. The RideTech Bolt-On 4-Link resolves this issue, with no cutting or fabrication, simply four small tabs to weld to the axle. Upon installation, the ride height is lowered by around two inches, and the ride quality is dramatically improved for a much crisper and controlled feel. Cornering and handling are vastly enhanced by removing leafsprings and replacing them with a four link system for added stability. With a ShockWave or Coil-Over front suspension, classic muscle cars can now enjoy modern performance features. R-Joint rod ends are included for low friction, maximum articulation and quiet operation. The Bolt-On 4-Link system provides the perfect solution for an up-to-date muscle car ride and drive. Rigorous testing has shown that these 4-Link systems not only offer great traction, but a great highway

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