Collection: 1965-70 Impala Toggle Switch Air Ride Suspension Kits

Airmaxxx manual air ride suspension kits for the 1965-1970 Chevy Impala  are exactly that. No electronic valves and controllers to deal with. This is for the customer that wants minimual amount of electronics in there system. It does require running more air line in to the cab of the vehicle. This system is an upgraded from the old 1/4" paddle valves. The toggles allow more air flow than paddle valves and you can run 3/8 hose with out having another connection before and after the valve to reduce down to 1/4" hose. So over all this management system will air up and down faster and smoother than the old paddle style valves. The only 1/"4 line in this system is to run to the air gauges. Speaking of the gauges, this management comes with (2) dual needle gauges so you can read pressure on all four air bags at once. With four switches you have independent wheel control, so you don't get the side to side air transfer that can cause you vehicle to sit uneven or lean hard around corners.

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