Collection: 1965-1970 Cadillac Manual Toggle Air Ride Suspension Kit

The Airmaxxx manual air ride suspension kits tailored for the 1965-1970 Cadillac  offer a streamlined solution devoid of electronic valves and controllers. This option caters specifically to customers seeking a minimalist approach to electronics within their system. The installation necessitates additional air line routing into the vehicle cab, enhancing pneumatic efficiency.

Distinguishing itself from antiquated 1/4" paddle valves, this system introduces toggles that optimize air flow, accommodating the use of 3/8" hose without the need for additional connections for size reduction before and after the valve—a notable upgrade. Consequently, the air management system exhibits superior speed and smoothness in both inflation and deflation processes compared to the previous paddle-style valves.

Notably, the system incorporates only a 1/4" line dedicated to the air gauges. Speaking of gauges, the management kit is equipped with two dual-needle gauges, enabling simultaneous pressure monitoring for all four airbags. Further enhancing control, the inclusion of four switches facilitates independent wheel control, mitigating side-to-side air transfer that could otherwise lead to uneven vehicle posture or pronounced leaning during cornering.

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