Collection: 1965-1970 Cadillac Manifold Style Air Ride Suspension Kits

Upgrade your 1965-1970 Cadillac with our manifold-style air ride suspension kits, offering the utmost convenience in installation with minimal wiring and plumbing required. These air management systems are designed for easy setup, mostly plug and play, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Easily customizable, they can be upgraded to systems with presets like the AccuAir E-level+ or the Level Ride Suspension Height or Pressure.

Enhance your kit with the airmaxxx X-series compressors for unparalleled performance and recovery. For the ultimate lift and performance, opt for the Slam Specialties SS-7 air bags. All our kits come complete with everything you need for a clean and professional installation, including air hose, brass nickel-plated fittings, air filters, wiring, and fuses.

Upgrade your Cadillac with confidence, knowing you're getting a high-quality, complete solution for your air ride needs. Experience unparalleled performance and lift with our manifold-style air ride suspension kits

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