Collection: 1963-1964 Cadillac Manual Toggle Air Ride Suspension Kit

The Airmaxxx manual air ride suspension kits designed for the 1963-1964 Cadillac offer a easy solution without the complexity of electronic valves and controllers. Tailored for customers prioritizing minimal electronics, this system requires routing additional air lines into the vehicle cab, enhancing efficiency.

Diverging from outdated 1/4" paddle valves, the system introduces toggles for optimized air flow. This innovation allows the use of 3/8" hose without the need for extra connections to reduce size before and after the valveā€”a significant advancement. Consequently, the air management system excels in both speed and smoothness during air-up and air-down processes compared to conventional paddle-style valves.

Remarkably, the system utilizes only a 1/4" line dedicated to the air gauges. Regarding gauges, the management kit is equipped with two dual-needle gauges, enabling simultaneous pressure monitoring for all four airbags. The incorporation of four switches allows independent wheel control, preventing side-to-side air transfer and ensuring stable vehicle posture during cornering. This design underscores a commitment to enhanced performance for discerning automotive enthusiasts.

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