Collection: 1961-1962 Cadillac Manual Toggle Air Ride Suspension Kit

The Airmaxxx manual air ride suspension kits designed for the 1961-1962 Cadillac offer a distinct advantage for enthusiasts seeking a streamlined electronic setup. Eliminating the need for electronic valves and controllers, this system appeals to customers desiring minimal electronic components in their vehicle. It does necessitate additional air line installation into the vehicle's cab. Upgrading from the outdated 1/4" paddle valves, the toggles in this system facilitate enhanced air flow, accommodating the use of 3/8" hose without requiring additional connections to reduce down to 1/4" hose. Overall, this management system ensures faster and smoother air-up and air-down processes compared to the older paddle-style valves.

The system incorporates only a 1/4" line for the air gauges. Notably, the management kit includes two dual-needle gauges, allowing users to monitor pressure on all four airbags simultaneously. The inclusion of four switches provides independent control over each wheel, preventing undesirable side-to-side air transfer that could lead to uneven vehicle posture or excessive leaning during cornering.

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