Collection: 1958-1960 Cadillac Fast Bag Air Ride Suspension Kit

Revamp your 1958-1960 Cady with our Fast Bag kits, delivering lightning-fast air ride solutions for performance enthusiasts. Engineered for dynamic "pop" up and down movements, these kits come in 3/8" or 1/2" sizes, allowing you to tailor the speed to your preferences based on valve, hose, and fitting sizes. Our versatile design provides flexible valve mounting options, whether it's consolidating on the tank, discreetly tucked in the trunk, or strategically placed near each airbag for optimal response.

While these kits require additional plumbing and wiring for customization, they unlock a myriad of mounting possibilities for a truly personalized experience. The kit includes a user-friendly handheld controller with a 6ft cord and 9ft extension harness for convenient operation. Ensure a smooth descent after the energetic rise with recommended Adjustable Slow Down valves. Monitor your ride with enhanced capabilities by adding gauges. With 7 switches for precise adjustments including Front up/down, Rear up/down, All up/down, and independent wheel adjustments, the controller puts precision tuning at your fingertips.

Upgrade to the airmaxxx X-series air compressors for lightning-fast recovery and enhanced performance. For unparalleled height lift and ultimate performance, opt for the Slam Specialties SS-7 air bags. Elevate your Cady's ride with our Fast Bag kits, delivering performance and precision like never before.

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