airslamit MaxTrac Suspension

MaxTrac Suspension specializes lift spindles, leveling kits, lowering kits and lift kits for trucks and SUVs.

Made entirely in the USA, Maxtrac Suspension’s leveling kits are manufactured in house, with every detail overseen by our staff. Our kits promise to maintain stock-like ride quality, and can be bolted on directly to your current suspension, with zero modification required.

Our basic lift kits utilize extended steering knuckles as a cornerstone for a solid system. Most of our lift kits are built by components that are easily installed, with no cutting, welding, or modification required to your vehicle, which allows it to be returned to stock easily.

Maxtrac Suspension makes lowering your SUV or Truck extremely easy, using the basics like coil springs, spindles, and flip kits. This allows for a quick and painless install, leaving the vehicle looking great, aligning correctly, and offering improved performance.
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