airslamit About your air suspension parts specialists

You’ve spent a bunch of time researching and looking on the internet for a specific custom auto part you want to buy. You’ve been in and out of every forum you can find, trying to find the best deal out there. Finally, its time—you decide to pull the trigger. HOW EXCITING! You pay for your parts and now wait for them to be delivered. After a few days, you call the company and leave a voicemail, but no one returns your call. The next day, you call again and you get a human on the other end who says they see your order and assures you that parts are on their way to you. Several days later, a package arrives. But guess what? They sent you a kit for a 2000-2006 model, not for your 2009. Another phone call to the selling company, and they tell you that THEY DID send the parts you ordered so it’s YOUR FAULT the parts are wrong (even though you know that’s not true). You are also informed that in order to get the correct parts you will need to pay for shipping to and from them PLUS a 20% restocking fee. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

My name is Randy Hatch. As the leader of, my goal is to help you avoid similar situations as written above. I have put together a knowledgeable team that can & will answer all tech questions about automotive air ride suspension. Our shipping department has a great reputation of sending you the correct parts quickly. Most orders leave within 1 business day. Our warehouse stocks so many air suspension parts by brands you can trust like AccuAir, Air Lift, airmaxxx, Viair & more! Combine these key business features with some of the lowest prices available for quality parts and you get…

WAIT…ONE MORE THING! Have you seen our jeep? Love it or hate it, we wanted to have something that would turn heads everywhere we go and I think we have accomplished that. What do you think? Don’t worry, we will be doing a blog entry very soon that will discuss all of the modifications that have been done to the jeep and even answer questions people often ask us about it.

Talk to you soon,